Sustainable Tourism India YouTube LIVE Webinar

Under the IEC pillar of the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism is organising Sustainable Tourism India Webinar series for information dissemination, creation of awareness and understanding the perspective of all the stakeholders for the implementation of sustainable tourism in the country. The webinar also aims to broaden collaboration within the many fields of tourism and increase the value and impact of Sustainable Tourism in India.

YouTube streamed Webinars has been an efficient approach to communicate with the masses. The ease of access on YouTube and audience engagement during the live streams serves an advantage. The audience of the platform has an educative sense who participates in the live streams with intentions to learn and understand. Considering all the advantages, YouTube can be effectively used as a channel to conduct grassroot level interactions between all stakeholders to bring about coordination among the stakeholders regarding the status quo, the challenges and the future of sustainable tourism.

Fortnightly Webinars will be organized and live streamed on YouTube on issues and challenges in implementation of sustainable tourism practices. The webinars shall be an instrumental tool for need-gap analysis and aid in comprehensive decision making by the Central/State Governments evidence-informed policy making. Such interactions shall facilitate opening of a dialogue between various stakeholders and will at the same time provide information and updates to the general public.

The webinar will also provide an opportunity to the Central Nodal Agency for Sustainable Tourism to share national strategy, guidelines and future roadmap for promotion of sustainable tourism.

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